Optics Simulation

Optikdesign Nachtsichtkamera.
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Optics design night vision camera.

At its core, the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces has extensive know-how in designing and dimensioning optical components. For example, Fraunhofer IOF has great expertise in mechanical design and combining it with optical design. One of its focuses here is the thermodesign of optical systems with the aim of rendering them insensitive to environmental temperature or to thermal lenses in high-power applications.

Fraunhofer IOF carries out both optical and mechanical simulations and analyses of components and systems. In this context, it addresses various functions and processes – from macro to micro to nano – such as the simulation and analysis of complex optical systems, OLED simulation and analysis, waveguide design and analysis, the analysis of fiber laser systems and of laser material machining processes.

Furthermore, Fraunhofer ILT has developed a free-form design software tool that can be used to calculate the design of optical systems made up of several free-form optical surfaces, especially for lighting applications and complex issues of beam shaping. Since Fraunhofer ILT has many years of experience in implementing free-form optics and in networking with manufacturing companies, it can guarantee the feasibility of the optics by creating virtual prototypes, while taking into account the influence of production and assembly tolerances.

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