Electron Beam Sources

Fraunhofer FEP is the only institute of the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces to develop electron-beam sources for a wide range of applications and requirements. The institute offers services ranging from developing technology and processes to assembling complete package solutions, including technology transfer with the following topics:

  • Transferring technology and commissioning of processes in production
  • Transferring technology including equipment for key components (also retrofit existing systems)
  • Scaling up of processes and technologies for industrial plants
  • Creating complete package solutions including beam control, arc protection, power, beam and deflection generators
  • Adapting the electron-beam source to specific customer requirements and development of special solutions
  • Providing, integrating and adapting optional additional components, for example:
  • portable handheld remote control for the electron-beam source
  • evaporator-crucible solutions
  • static magnetic-beam deflection field
  • plasma activation systems
  • substrate pretreatment facilities
  • substrate bias power supplies
  • reactive gas systems
  • rate monitor
Universa - Versuchsanlage zur 3D-Beschichtung mittels Puls-Magnetron-Sputtern.
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Universa - test facility for 3D coating by pulse magnetron sputtering.

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Dr. Burkhard Zimmermann

Deputy Director | Division Director Electron Beam

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