Plasma Sources

Deep-running and contour-accurate surface functionalization by means of a DBD sliding discharge source.
PECVD bei Atmosphärendruck mittels LARGE-Plasmaquelle.
© Jürgen Jeibmann.
PECVD at atmospheric pressure using LARGE plasma source.

To be economical, vacuum coating processes requires high coating rates on large surfaces. The path to ever higher coating rates, particularly in the case of high-rate evaporation, is made more difficult in that the layers with a high rate of growth have a pronounced column-like structure. Also, when bonds form in reactive vapor deposition, the energy of the vapor particles is often not sufficient for a stoichiometric deposition of oxide, nitride or carbide layers. A suitable way to increase the particle energy is to use a plasma activation during evaporation. For dense plasmas, this requires powerful sources that are adapted to both a high coating rate and a large-area coating. Fraunhofer FEP has developed processes based on the combination of high-rate evaporation with different guided arc discharges (SAD and HAD process) for this purpose. The institute offers the following development services:

  • Development of the coating process and the coating system
  • Development and delivery of key modules (evaporators, plasma sources)
  • In-situ quality control and process automation
  • Plant engineering and operator know-how for plasma-activated evaporation plants

The LARGE plasma source developed at Fraunhofer IWS is characterized by the potential use of a large number of process gases, which determine the type of plasma surface modification. With its compact design, the plasma source can be easily implemented in inline processes or robot-controlled processes.

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