Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces

Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces

Prism Grating Prism (PGP) system for applications in aerospace, precision optics or highly sensitive interferometers.
© Fraunhofer IOF
Prism Grating Prism (PGP) system for applications in aerospace, precision optics or highly sensitive interferometers.
Hot wire CVD deposition.
© Fraunhofer IST
Hot wire CVD deposition.

The Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces combines six Fraunhofer institutes that cooperate in the fields of lasers, optics, metrology and coating technology. The institutes combine complementary skills in the following areas: laser manufacturing techniques, beam sources, metrology, medicine and life sciences, optical systems and optics manufacturing, EUV technology, process and system simulation, materials technology, micro- and nanotechnologies, and thin-film, plasma and electron beam technology.

Competency by networking

Building on their basic research in the various fields of application, the institutes work together to supply fast, flexible and customer-specific system solutions in the fields of coating technology and photonics. Strategy is coordinated to reflect current market requirements, yielding synergies that benefit the customer. The institutes also collaborate with their local universities to provide the full range of student education, up to and including doctoral studies. As a result, the Fraunhofer institutes are not only partners to technological development, but also a continuous source of new talent in the fields of coating technology and photonics.

Core competencies of the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces

The Fraunhofer institutes' competencies are coordinated to ensure that research can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the requirements of the various fileds of application: laser manufacturing, beam soruces, metrology, medicine and life sciences, materials technology, optical systems and optics manufacturing, micro- and nanotechnologies, thin-film technology, plasma technology, electron beam technology, EUV technology, process and system simulation.


Fields of application

The Fraunhofer institutes are able to draw on extensive process expertise to provide customers with tailored, laser- and process-specific solutions that take material and product design, construction, means of production and quality assurance into account. These solutions serve a wide range of industries: automotive, biotechnology and life sciences, electronics and sensor technology, energy and the environment, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering, tool and die manufacturing, optics.



Workshops / 19.11.2019


Two workshops – one goal: Shaping the future of energy systems

The development of new materials, their processing and integration into applications are key aspects in the development of safe and high

energy future generation energy storage systems. Combined within the joined topic of "Materials for energy" Fraunhofer IWS provides two

topical workshops covering latest innovations for two different classes of electrode materials and their impact on enhanced energy storage.

Language: English


Workshop / 11.12.2019

Hybrid Materials and Additive Manufacturing Processes (HyMaPro)

The 2nd HyMaPro Workshop provides information on additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for metallic and ceramic components by means of hybrid materials, CAE-based virtual design, structural and functional optimization to additive manufacturing devices for multi-material approaches and parts.

Experience the functionality of additive manufacturing machines in practical sessions. Individually planned guided tours, plenary sessions and discussions in relaxed atmosphere present a unique platform for scientists and engineers to discuss latest R&D results. Join the HyMaPro Workshop.

Latest News


Improving productivity through digitization in the laser industry

From May 6 to 8, 2020, laser manufacturers and users from various branches will meet at the AKL’20 for the 13th time. Featuring over 600 participants, 87 speakers and over 50 sponsors and exhibitors, the “AKL – International Laser Technology Congress” has established itself as the leading forum for applied laser technology in Europe. The program of events is already available at – where you can also register now for AKL’20.
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GLASS4FLEX – pioneering new process technologies for flexible glass in optical systems

Ultra-thin glass – one human hair thick – is ideally suited as a material for mass production of optical components and parts as well as for encapsulating optical and optoelectronic systems. Its production requires a completely coordinated process chain – from manufacture to functionalization. This is the goal to be accomplished by 2022 in the GLASS4FLEX joint research project.
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Federal Highway Research Institute BASt uses road surface scanner from Fraunhofer IPM for new assessment tool

The Pavement Profile Scanner PPS-Plus from Fraunhofer IPM is part of the latest measuring vehicle MESAS of the Federal Highway Research Institute BASt. The research vehicle records the condition of road surfaces and the substance of the asphalt surface and thus provides the basis for optimum maintenance planning. During test runs, MESAS has already successfully measured more than 11,000 kilometers of the federal trunk road network. Now regular operation starts.
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Fine-tuning for additive production

Additive manufacturing systems can generate highly complex components, which could not be produced with conventional machine tools or only with great effort. Nevertheless, such industrial 3D printers are far from being standard equipment in factories. This is not just due to the purchase costs, but also to many other challenges. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden has developed particular solutions and will present them at the “formnext” trade fair in Frankfurt am Main in November 2019. Included here are “COAXshield”, a local molten pool shield for laser powder build-up welding and the “LIsec” analysis device for controlling the powder flow in additive manufacturing processes.
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