Electron Beam Sources

Electron beam processing machine with max. 60 kV acceleration voltage and 2 kW beam power.
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Electron beam processing machine with max. 60 kV acceleration voltage and 2 kW beam power.

The electron beam is a very flexible tool that can be used in a variety of processes for materials processing. The best known applications are welding and hardening, PVD coating by electron-beam evaporation, as well as sterilizing surfaces and modifying plastics.

Technology and process development as a package solution

At Fraunhofer FEP, electron-beam sources are developed for a wide range of applications and needs. The services offered range from technology and process development to the compilation of complete package solutions, including technology transfer. This includes the commissioning of processes in production, the scaling up of processes and technologies for industrial plants, the equipment of plants with key components as well as the retro-fit of existing plants.

In addition to the process engineering services, Fraunhofer FEP also develops complete package solutions including beam control, arc protection circuitry, power, beam position and deflection generators, as well as electron beam sources, which are tailored to the respective customer requirements. This can for example include the provision, integration, and customization of optional ancillary components, such as:

  • Portable handset for remote control of the electron beam source
  • Evaporator crucible solutions;
  • Static, magnetic beam deflection field
  • Plasma activation systems
  • Substrate pretreatment facilitiesSubstrate pretreatment facilities
  • Substrate bias power supplies
  • Reactive gas systems
  • Rate Monitor


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