Areas of Competence

Areas of Competence


Laser Manufacturing

Laser processes for welding, cutting, ablation and additive manufacturing in automotive  and electronics industry, aerospace and medical industry


Beam Sources

Laser beam sources for manufacturing, metrology and information and communication technology



Process and system technology for geometric and material specific metrology, for medical applications, bio technology and environmental measurements


Medicine and Life Sciences

Technologies and systems for biophotonic applications using lasers and optical systems as well as plasma technologies for medicine


Materials Technology

Development and optimization of new materials and material systems based on metals, ceramics, polymers from synthesis to qualification


Optical Systems and Optics Manufacturing

Development and realization of complex optical systems from design to manufacturing and evaluation


Micro- and nanotechnologies

Technologies and systems for micro and nano structuring to generate functional surfaces


Thin-film Technology

Process und system technology for functional thin film deposition by physical and chemical deposition processes


Plasma Technology

Process and system technology for plasma processes to generate functional surfaces and for technical and medical applications


Electron Beam Technology

Process and system technology for eletron beam processing in thin film deposition, materials processing and material modifications


EUV technology

System and process technology technik for the generation and use of extrem ultraviolet radiation EUV and x-rays in metrology and lithography


Process and system simulation

Numerial methods for the simulation of optical systems, laser beam sources, laser based manufacturing processes and entire process chains