Micro- and nanotechnologies

The institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Light & Surfaces have a wide range of structuring technologies and processes to produce micro and nano structures. In addition to classical lithographic techniques, they use laser-based microstructuring processes with nanosecond lasers, but also increasingly with picosecond and femtosecond lasers. The latter, in particular, make wide range of applications possible in different industrial areas due to the almost non-thermal process technology.

As a result of the unique process characteristics, such as the evaporation-dominated material ablation and the minimal heat input into the workpiece, micro- and nanoscale structures can be produced on virtually any surface. Especially in the field of functional surfaces for tribological, optical or biological applications, this type of structuring forms the basis of functional surfaces for numerous industrial branches. Through the use of special interference optics, the institutes can even produce nanostructures with dimensions below the actual focus diameter; such structures are suitable for applications in the field of safety engineering.

Thanks to their extensive and modern equipment as well as their in-depth know-how, the institutes of the Group for Light & Surfaces can help applied research utilize micro- and fine-machining effectively. Their systems use lasers to miniaturize functional elements in machine, plant, vehicle and equipment engineering as well as in biotechnology and medical technology.


Micro Structuring


Nano Structuring


In-Volume Modification


Nano Materials