Electron Beam Coating

Glass with anti-reflective coating
© Fraunhofer FEP, Fotograf: Jürgen Lösel
Glass with anti-reflective coating

Fraunhofer FEP is dedicated to developing technologies and processes for surface refinement and especially for process technologies for organic electronics. Among them, electron-beam coating is particularly suitable for high coating rates and is the ideal tool for large-area film coating processes. Additionally, the institute uses its core technologies (sputtering, plasma-activated high-rate evaporation, high-rate PECVD, electron beam technology, technologies for organic electronics, IC and system design) to solve diverse industrial problems in surface technology.

For this purpose, the institute has numerous industrial plants at its disposal for coating large areas in batch systems, in-line or in roll-to-roll processes, as well as electron-beam systems for the efficient processing of surfaces. In addition, it has several clean rooms with research and development lines for organic electronics. Substrates made of glass, plastic or metal, flexible surfaces such as metallic strips, flexible glass or plastic films, three-dimensional components or even silicon wafers can be refined and coated in Fraunhofer FEP’s facilities.

Ultra-thin glass, a relatively new material also known as flexible glass, is regarded as a new material with excellent surface properties and a low substrate roughness as a substrate material. Fraunhofer FEP is currently developing thin-film coating processes for ultra-thin glass and its integration into organic and hybrid electronics. The institute is addressing both sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll deposition processes to enable the use of ultra-thin glass in high-tech devices.

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