Press Release of the AMable consortium

Intelligent Laser-based Manufacturing in Europe

Fraunhofer ILT / June 28, 2019

On June 27th, stakeholders from industry, SME and research met at Europe’s largest event on laser-based manufacturing in Munich, the LASER World of PHOTONICS. More than 34.000 visitors from across Europe and abroad met to discover new devices and innovative solutions to advance their manufacturing challenges.

Additive Manufacturing of filigree structures.
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen/ Klaus D. Wolf.
Additive Manufacturing of filigree structures.

“Intelligent Laser-based Manufacturing in Europe” brought leading experts from European Commission’s projects together to discuss future technologies and solutions in a digitalised environment. With an ever stronger emphasis on advanced capabilities, both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are seen as the main drivers towards digital learning. The promises of this technology are rich and enthusiasts from all over the place engage with algorithms and application frameworks to explore the capabilities.

The expectations on AI in laser-based manufacturing are manifold. Research on ultra short pulse processing in the FemtoSurf and MultiFlex projects aims to use AI for increased productivity while other projects such as Custodian and Integradde aim at a reduction of waste through prediction of first time right procedures. In the discussion on the needs for an easy engagement with AI, Vidmantas Sakalys from Femtika asks for multiple learning channels. Courses and trainings in dedicated centres are needed, but also videos for distance learning for those that cannot spend the time. Camilo Prieto from Aimen argued for a collection of toolboxes that enable an easy start for those that do not have the time to read scientific papers in this field.

AMable – a Digital Innovation Hub project for the uptake of additive manufacturing – plans to introduce a dedicated service for engagement with AI as Ulrich Thombansen from Fraunhofer ILT reports. His aim is to lower the entry barrier for SMEs and to enable them to engage with AI. “It is a clear mission statement that we received from the audience here at LASER World of PHOTONICS today and we will offer this through our open calls, but we will probably not be able to serve everyone in this field”.

The panel at the exhibition in Munich supported by the Messe München, the public private partnerships Photonics21 and EFFRA and the European Commission, collated the needs and offerings in AI for laser-based manufacturing as it stands today. It became clear that Europe needs additional offerings to support engineers and business developers to create the next generation of factories.

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